Equipment Repair and Improvement Services

Gothenburg Sound AB has been manufacturing custom amplifiers, loudspeakers and sound mixers since the 1960:s. Also various other analog audio equipment has been repared and sometimes improved for customers and for our own needs, live and in the studios. 
Some of the equipment bought to our studios has been improved in various ways to meet new demands or performance. Also additions to improve productivcity has been made.
In 2013 new, small electronics and mechanical  workshops have been set up for repair and refurbishing of vintage equipment as well as production of custom audio and signal acqusition products.

Analog Stage Equipment Repair

Do you have analog stage equipment that's out of order or need maintenance? It may be better to get it fixed than to scrap it, which is also good for the environment. Much of older analog vaccum tube audio equipment become increasingly valuable with time, some even become rare collector objects.  Our large inventory of vaccum tubes and other components can be used to keep equipment fully working. We have long experience of repairs, and more than 50 years in the business means that we have a vast collection of rare service manuals.

Repairing an old Binson Echorec. Rare and classic.

Repairing an original 1960's Fender Bassman Amp. Replacment with original vacuum tubes.

Final check of a custom made GSAB PSU. 

Analog Studio and PA Equipment Repair

Analog mixing consoles and other studio and public-address equipment need regular maintenance and minor repairs to be in tip-top condition. It is not good for productivity if some channels of the mixer are noisy or show intermittent issues. We have maintained our own equipment in our Studio 1 and Studio 2 as well as our present post-production facility. We have also helped a few other studios with maintenance work.

The Neve 8024 sound console in our Studio 1 needed 3 month of first overhaul to become as good as new. Regular maintenance an improvements after that.

This Otari Concept 1 console was installed in a private studio in Gothenburg and needed regular maintenace. 

Maintenance of an fader and input module for Studer 169 sound console.  

Maintenance of an input module with fader and input  module for an English 1980's sound console.  

The  Teac M5 console in our Studio 2 needed regular maintenace to always perform fully to our standards. 

The rear side of our Teac M5 console. 

This vintage Studer 189 4-channel mixing console was brought from Tallinn to Gothenburg.  It was in a condition that needed careful maintanance for all modules. It was sold after that to a film sound studio.

Equipment Improvement

Sometimes minor upgrades and addition of new features means a lot for keeping older equipment relevant. 

Our Studio II Teac-Tascam M5 Pro analog audio production console  "Built like a Tank!". 8 mono inputs became 20 by adding the extender unit. 3 stereo inputs was added. Another cue and echo sense output and 4 stereo FX recieves were added. The mixer was also extensively expanded with 12 VU-meters, an Ericson 24x6 patchbay and a custom, wooden furniture.  Remote controls for all tape recorders were custom built and fixed to the console. 

The ITAM 1610 remote control was slightly modified. The time code syncronizer punch-in control was adapted to this 16 track machine. The tape transport was modified to be able to synk to the video time code controller.

The Otari MX5050 8SH was converted to have a remote control. The mechanical tape counter was upgraded to Otari's electronic pulse counter with custom display, The tape transport was modified to be able to synk to the video time code controller.