Sound Recording, Studio 1 (1987-1997)

Gothenburg Sound AB aquired the "Commendante" Studio at Kungsgatan in Göteborg in 1987. It was called Studio 1 and our existing smaller studio was called Studio 2.

The studio was well equipped with professional analog technology including a large NEVE mixing console, previosly used in the Air Studios in England, a large number of sound processors and several multichannel tape recorders up to 24 channels.   
The large control room had a fully absorbing front end and a diffusing rear end.

The recording rooms were relatively small for a professional studio but had different acoustic absorbtion characteristics. Additional low frequency slotted panel resonance absorbers were added to the main recording room. 

A large number of artists and groups made album recordings and demos in the studio. It was sold in 1997 and is still operating as Nacksving Studios.