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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most common questions about the company, the products and the services.


Q: How long will you remain in business, both of you are well over 70 years old?
A: We will run the business as long as we find it rewarding and our health allows us. Probably we will be around for the next 10 years.

Q: You have some vintage audio equipment for sale. How can one rely on the working condition of the gear?
A: All deals are made personally between you as the buyer and us as seller, by phone or/and mail correspondence. We will state the working condition as accurately as possible, and supply more pictures of the item to you to to illustrate the general condition of the actual equipment. We are not planning to introduce an  impersonal E-commerce shop on this site. 


Q: When do you intend to release the statistical energy analysis (SEA) software?

A: It will be downloadable from this site at the end of 2010. Licenses are sold separately that unlock the limitations of the demo-version.