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Photo Gallery - Studio 1(1987-1997)

The studio was on  Kungsgatan 5 in Gothenburg, We acquired it and its equipment  from "Nacksving" in 1987 when they bankrupted.

It is a very special studio since it is situated in the ancient vaults that are part of the Carolus Rex bastion from the 17th century. The studio is relatively large with three separate, cascading rooms.

We managed to create different acoustics in these rooms, from very damped to quite reverberant. This was used during the recording sessions.

The control room had a "dead" front end and a "live" rear end with diffusors. It hosted a large NEVE console, a large amount of effects units, a 4-, 16- and a 24 channel tape deck and a 2-channel Studer master tape deck.

The studio got more and more digital gear during the 90-s.


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