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Juha Plunt defended his doctoral thesis on prediction of structure-borne sound transmission in ships 1980. He needed to program a SEA prediction program, in PL1 at that time.


After joining IFM Akustikbyrån AB he developed a small program for a desktop computer around 1982-83. During his time at Volvo Car Corporation, he was approached by a ship yard who asked him to develop it further to be run on a PC. That was the GSSEACAL software sold by Gothenburg Sound AB.


In 2005 the same company wanted a replacement running under Windows. That is the present GSSEA-Light.


Software made by Gothenburg Sound AB

We develop specialized sound and vibration related software for sale. The presently available programs are:

GSSEA-Light, Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA):


A general purpose sound and vibration transmission prediction software for complex systems like vehicles, ships, appliances, machinery and buildings. It is licensed at various levels and a demo with restricted modeling capacity can be downloaded from here.