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Amplifiers and Speakers (used)

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Type Description Manufacturer Model Price Condition
Music instrument amp
Serial nr. 120046
ORANGE OR 120 SOLD Excellent
Music instrument amp
Dynaco 60W Vacuum-tube amplifier with preamp and enclpsure from Gothenburg Sound
GS-DYNACO 60W €800 Very good
TANNOY 15" Monitors
TANNOY 15" HPD385A Monitors in good Arden cabinets. Ser# 1051 and 1364  
Tannoy HPD385A €3900 Good
Leslie Organ Speaker
Leslie 770 be-amplified organ speaker with foot remote control. 
Leslie 770 €690 Very good
Home Stereo system
Panasonic unique technology ca 1960 (loudspeaker motional feedback) Vacuum tube amplifier 2x15 W. Incl. loudspeakers
Panasonic SA-30 €600 Very good