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Sound effect processors (used)

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Type Description Manufacturer Model Price Condition
Analog echo machine  
Vintage 6 head echo/swell mashine
nr. 3691 F 114
Dieke AKUSET AllSound €590 Good
Analog echo machine  
Vintage tube 6 head echo/swell mashine
BINSON ECHOREC €690 Fully working
Analog echo machine  
Vintage tube 6 head echo/swell mashine
DYNACORD Echocord S 65 €790 Excellent
Analog echo machine  
Vintage tube 4 head echo mashine
WATKINS Electric Music LTD Copicat Mk I €590 Fully working
Analog bucket brigade flanger
MIC-MIX Dynaflanger 265 SOLD Very good
Compr-limiter-expander with EQ 
nr. 235
AUDIO DESIGN Rec. Vocal Stresser F769X-R €1590 Excellent
Stereo compressor, peak stop limiter and gate
nr. (B88EU)c14269
DBX 166 X €490 Excellent
Dynamics Processor (almost everything)
nr. 663
DRAWMER M 500 €690 Excellent
Stereo compressor and frequency controlled gate
nr. 304 with power supply
LA-AUDIO 4x4 SOLD Excellent
Stereo master compressor and noise leveler
nr. 574559
ORBAN 424 €790 Excellent