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Sound Mixers (used)

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Type Description Manufacturer Model Price Condition
Sound mixing desk  
Analog aodio production console, digitally controlled. 64 mono inputs, 16 stereo inputs etc. Diskmix automation. Accessories: Full size flight case, 2 PC-computers w. software. all multicables, Bantam patchbay cables
OTARI Concept One
Call or Mail Excellent
Sound mixing desk 
Portable 6 mic / line in 4 ch out with multiple monitoring
STUDER 169 SOLD Excellent
Portable Sound mixing desk 
Portable 12 mic / line in, 8 ch out with multichannel tape monitoring + 3 aux outputs
FOSTEX 812 €500 Very good
Rack-mounted Sound Mixer
Rack-mounted 16 mic / line in, stereo out + monitoring, 2 effects and one aux
ROLAND M-16E €400 Good
Sound mixing desk  
Portable 4 mic + 4 stereo in - 2 stereo out
Gothenburg Sound GS Sound Console 8-2 €650 Very good
Sound mixer 
Portable mono mixer with 7 mic and 1 line in. Master out with monitoring
GELOSO G.1/503 €200 Very good 
Sound mixer
Portable mono mixer with 4 mic + 1 line in.  Master out
SHURE Microphone Mixer €150 Good