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Gothenburg Sound AB offers a range of audio and video services, as well as custom equipment fabrication and technical software development.

Sound Recording
Studio and live recording.

Sound Editing
Professional editing and mastering of your recorded material in our mastering room.

CD Mastering and Production
We can enhance and master your recordings and produce CD records in small series including design of covers etc.

Studio and PA equipment maintenance
We can keep your studio or PA-equipment in the best possible technical condition.

Video Production
We specialize in live video recording with multiple professional canon DSLR cameras, Atomos on-camera recorders and separate multichannel sound recording to get the best raw footage from your event for final editing.

Video Editing
We use professional video editing software to create the best of your video recording.

DVD and Blue-Ray Disk Production
We can master your video recordings and produce DVDs or Bly-Ray disks in small series including design of covers etc.

Custom Equipment Production
We have a long experience of designing and building custom audio equipment and accessories to customers.

Equipment Repair
We specialize in repair of professional and vintage audio equipment.

Equipment Refurbishing
We can refurbish much of vintage, professional audio equipment to a better working state. Give us a call if you have some equipment that needs to be refreshed.

Technical Programming
We have a solid experience of technical programming, especially in the sound and vibration area. Also SQL database programming and web site programming can be performed.

Computer Service
We have a long experience of building and repair of stationary computers as well as software installation issues. If you need a custom built computer or help with hardware or installation issues we can be of efficient service.